Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Earlier this year I did some recording with Pok Pongprayoon (from amazing Thai band Stylish Nonsense) on bass, Benji from German band Beeline on drums, and an amazing European musician based in Bangkok named  JD Cailouet on keyboard. We recorded live (including vocals) direct to 4-track cassette, with Pok engineering the recording, and the results sound great!
One song was one I've been kicking around for a couple of years called "Dream Song," while the others were all new numbers. They include a tribute to New York Latin soul legend Joe Bataan (called "Joe Bataan"), a song called "Swing" about October 5, 1962 (Love Me Do and Dr No released on the same day!) and a track called "Venice of the East," about the  dirt, desertion and disaster brought on by last year's catastrophic flooding in Thailand (get ready for 2012!!).
All in all we recorded about six songs in one day, and I hope to get together with some of the guys again soon to record a couple more for the next Plastic Section album. Watch this space for some exciting new sounds!
Here are some beautiful photos taken by Kik Wongchalard during the sessions..

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