Friday, December 12, 2014

Scene Report

Plastic Section recently wrote a scene report for CMJ about five of the best bands, venues, etc. in Bangkok.. Amazing photographer Dave Crimaldi supplied some cool pictures. Check it out here!

In other news - Plastic Section's new album had been sent to the CD factory.. so the CDs should be here by the end of the year. (Vinyl will come some time early next year). News about the launch party coming soon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

old album / new album

Plastic Section have been keeping busy playing some low-key gigs at Bangkok venues like Immortal Bar and GOJA Gallery (where Ben recently played a solo set). Mostly we've been working on finishing up the artwork and final mixing for our new album, due some time in December on CD and on vinyl early next year courtesy of Colorcode Records.
In the meantime, our previous self-titled album with Panda Records is now available in slightly abridged form on Bandcamp: Plastic Section

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Horses etc.

Plastic Section and been busy finishing the artwork and final mixing of their new album, recorded in one day late last year, which should be coming soon!

One track for the album was given to a Box Records compilation album in Thailand - you can hear the track and see a brief interview with the band here: Horse's Mouth

A demo for another new Plastic Section song can be heard and downloaded here: Leaving Here

In other news, we have a couple of shows coming up in Bangkok. Friday October 3 we'll be playing at Fatty's Bar and Diner with a bunch of great bands, all of which will play one or two AC/DC songs along with their own stuff, in honour of the recently retired Malcolm Young.

Then on October 10, Plastic Section will be rocking Immortal Bar in Din Daeng with the amazing Degaruda.. more details soon!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Instant Party

The amazing Deerhoof played at Bangkok's Harmonica bar on June 17, and Plastic Section were lucky enough to be one of the support bands (the other was a great new My Bloody Valentine-esque Thai band called Hariguem Zaboy) - it was a brilliant night and a rare chance to see Deerhoof play at a small venue (about 100 people) with a great sound. They played quite a few songs form their incredible Break Up Song album and a good selection from many of their other releases, as well as a cool cover of the Ramones' "Pin Head" and an encore of "Come See the Duck" from the Green Cosmos EP.

As well as being amazing musicians and performers, Greg, Satomi, John and Ed were really nice people who watched the support bands and hung out with the audience, happily signing autographs and chatting with everybody. So big thanks to Deerhoof for an incredible night and to Put Wednesday Suksriwan at Harmonica for organizing the show!

 Live photo of Plastic Section by Dave Crimaldi.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Plastic Section supporting Deerhoof!

Plastic Section will be supporting the incredible Deerhoof at Bangkok's Harmonica bar on June 17! Also on the bill are a great new Thai shoegaze band called Hariguem Zaboy. It will be amazing. If your here, make sure you're there!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Festival Frenzy!

As rainy season hits a boiling-over Bangkok on the brink, there are festivals galore for (real) music lovers.. Last weekend (May 10-11) saw the second installment of the amazing two-day Noise Festival, where Plastic Section played a crazy set without drums or bass - Ben rocked the electric guitar as usual while Pok ran around blowing a melodica - it was great! Here's a link to some video from the set: Spin It Out

This weekend there is Fatty's Festival on May 16-17 at Fatty's Bar and Diner in Din Daeng - Ben will play a solo set on Saturday night at around 10:30pm, right after the amazing Deadtown Trash. Then on Sunday, there's a music and art festival at a new venue called Change and Charge, where the full Plastic Section experience can be experienced at around 6pm. Details here: Change and Charge

See you here, there and everywhere! Let's rock!

 Picture of 2/3 of Plastic Section by Dave Crimaldi from Noise Festival:
 And a photo by amazing singer-songwriter Eico Kurosawa from the same set:

Thursday, May 08, 2014


This weekend in Bangkok (May 10 - 11), as well as the now usual political protests, violence and chaos on the streets, there will be a truly "indie" music and arts festival, arranged by Panda Records. Loads of brilliant bands are performing and people will have stalls selling their music and other bits and pieces. Plastic Section will share a stall with solo experimental guitar wizard Wednesday and the unique and brilliant Japanese singer-songwriter Eico. Plastic Section will also perform a semi-acoutsic kinda thing on Saturday May 10 at 6pm. If you're in Bangkok, you should be there!
More info here.

And here is the line-up: