Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few years ago..

I first started Plastic Section in Sydney a few years ago as an outlet for my home recordings, which was usually stuff that didn't quite fit with my garage rock band The Section. These days, the music I play and record as Plastic Section is like a more minimalist version of what I was doing with The Section (ie; raw rockabilly rhythm and blues inspired craziness) - but my earliest recordings were more in the style of glitchy lo-fi pop, using half-working keyboards and rhythm boxes, very cheap microphones and strangly shaped Japanese guitars...

For anyody interested, the results can be heard on my mini album, "A Simple Day," which can be sampled here:

A Simple Day

There are also videos for some of the songs, including Circles (later re-recorded by Basement Tape) and A Simple Day.

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