Sunday, January 29, 2012


My name is Ben Edwards, and I'm a musician from Sydney, Australia, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I play guitar, sing and write songs with a Bangkok band called Basement Tape. Basement Tape have been together for about three years and have played hundreds of gigs at clubs, galleries and festivals, as well as support spots for international bands such as The Whitest Boy Alive and Tahiti 80. We have so far released a mini-album through Panda Records and a full-length album with Spicy Disc, as well as several self-released EPs.
I've set up this blog mainly to document the activities of my other music project, Plastic Section. I originally created Plastic Section as a sort of conceptual band for recording songs on my own and playing solo gigs. More recently, I have recorded and performed Plastic Section material in Bangkok with various friends and musicians from around the world. I plan to keep the band as a shape-shifting project where the music and songs retain a similar feel and concept, but where my musical collaborators might change at any time.
Plastic Section's sound is mainly rooted in weird rockabilly, old raw soul and rhythm and blues, rock n roll, punk and early 60s mod power pop, with odd detours into glitchy psychedelic strangeness.
Plastic Section is a lo-fi, DIY project - I write, record and produce all the music, make the videos and create the artwork for gigs and album covers.

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